Observations on CBS Evening News

The structure of CBS Evening news is in perfect order. To take the show on Sep.7 as an example, it begins with presidential campaign, which is one of the most eye-catching issues for Americans, and then some breaking news and a feature story. Audience could easily know what happened today and also know about some in-depth stories within 30 minutes. Besides, almost all the news happened in the U.S. This news show mainly focuses on Americans who pay attention to the news around them. The audience target is clear.


Stories in the show are written in a simple and clear way, especially the set-ups that read by the anchor. Most of them are no more than 20 seconds, but provide most of the information of stories. Breaking news in the show are sometimes just around 30 seconds, but it’s enough for the audience to know what happened.

The election news is the most impressive part to me. Except for sound and video, there are also some graphics to show the latest information of national poll. It can be visually showed with numbers and some explanatory statement. Besides, the correspondents in both camps provide audience with first-hand and timely stories about the campaign. Their statement is clear and to the point. Reporting both camps can also make it balanced and fair.


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